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About Me

Hi! I'm Julianna

Hey there! I'm Julianna Rolaf, creator of the Brown Eyed Girls Blog. I'm a 24 -year- old licensed cosmetologist from NJ, sharing all my tips and tricks. Ever since I was a little girl, I always loved fashion, beauty, and just being creative. I started this blog because I love getting daily inspiration from other bloggers, and decided I wanted to start one with my own innovative twists. On my lifestyle blog I'll be sharing my professional beauty hacks along with fashion and travel. I hope you come along on this journey and follow me on Pinterest, Instagram, and Tik Tok!


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Fun facts about me

This is my baby black pug, Jasper. He is just over a year and a half and FULL of energy. I named him Jasper because I got him in October and wanted something that reminded me of Halloween, one of my fav holidays!  (Plus the name lowkey reminds me of my middle school Twilight obsession.) His  typical day goes eat, sleep, snuggle, snore, repeat. Its hard knock life  ;)


This is my jeep wrangler! I got it senior year of high school when I would have to drive myself to cosmetology school in the afternoons. The best feeling is taking the roof off on a hot summer day, blasting music, and screaming the lyrics with my friends!


This pic was taken at the Jersey Shore, my favorite place in the whole world. I'v grown up going down the shore every summer since I was a little girl. During the day you can find me tanning under the sun and jumping the waves (just not too far out because ya afraid of the sharks hehe.) By night you can catch me watching the sunset and then headed over to the boardwalk for games, rides, and the tiki bar. The Jersey Shore has such a special place in my heart and has left me with memories that I will never ever forget. 

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