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Drinking a Gallon of water a day

Ok, Ok, I know what you're thinking! A GALLON OF WATER A DAY!?! I swear it looks crazy but its so good for you. Before I got this I was terrible about drinking water. Especially while wearing a mask at work all day. The motivational times on the bottle keep me going and help me to stay on track throughout the day. This keeps me hydrated and feeling great through out the day! 🏋🏼‍♀️


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Amazon workout set

Amazon sports bra/yoga top


•comes in a bunch of colors


Amazon high waisted workout leggings

•Comes in a bunch of colors.

•Non see through

• pockets


Adidas running sneaker


•comes in tons of different colors

•price varries by size and color


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half gallon water bottle
Gallon water bottle

Collab with Katie K active


How do you define BRAVE? Katie K active is all about encouraging women to be BRAVE while living a healthy and authentic lifestyle.

Katie Kozloff first started this line after training her clients. They, of course, came in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

She was shocked to hear how many women felt it was difficult to find activewear that they felt both cute and confident in… so she decided to start a line of her own. What makes Katie K active stand out from other activewear brands is that it uses double fit technology. This basically means that instead of just taking measurements on a petite model and expanding them by a few inches, she actually measures them on a plus size model as well.

I define BRAVE by pushing myself to workout and stay active. I remember when I first joined the gym, I was so intimidated. Between all the unfamiliar equipment and "Arnold Schwarzeneggers" of the gym, I had no clue what to do. Instead, I would hide in the back and just walk on the treadmill for an hour or two while keeping to myself. While doing only cardio may work for some people, it definitely wasn’t for me. I was beyond frustrated that I was tiring myself out, standing 8 hours a day at work and then going to the gym and running for another two while not even seeing results. That is, until I found something that worked much better for me. Weight lifting. Now, this is just what works for me personally. I do about an hour of weight lifting and then 20 mins of cardio. YOU have to find what works for YOU! Whether it's weight liftng, cardio, kick boxing, walking, running, or even dancing, just GET ACTIVE and DO IT WITH CONFIDENCE! You got this!




I'm lucky that I had friends to show me around, people to teach me what equipment to use and when to use it depending on what I wanted to target that day. At first, I followed their routine, which was really great for learning the basics. However, now I feel completely confident to go on my own and pick what I want to do! This has led me to live a much healthier lifestyle and has truly empowered my confidence!

Plus, a cute workout outfit always adds a little motivation, am I right!?!

I was gifted this adorable set from Katie K active and have been working out in it nonstop. Katie K active has something for women of every body shape. They range from sizes S-3X. If you want to try out this amazing activewear use my CODE: THEBROWNEYEDGIRL40 for 40% off your first purchase!

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