Breakable Chocolate Heart

What you'll need: 
Chocolate Mold
Mini Hammers
Chocolate melts

This breakable chocolate heart was so easy and fun to make! I used all white chocolate and white sprinkles since I am giving it to my friend who just got engaged. I thought it would be a super cute little gift for her and her fiance to have on Valentines Day!

Head over to my Insta to see a quick little tutorial on how I made it! Plus if you want to try it yourself, I linked all of the supplies I used over on my Like to Know it!

Drinking a Gallon of water a day

Ok, Ok, I know what you're thinking! A GALLON OF WATER A DAY!?! I swear it looks crazy but its so good for you. Before I got this I was terrible about drinking water. Especially while wearing a mask at work all day. The motivational times on the bottle keep me going and help me to stay on track throughout the day. This keeps me hydrated and feeling great through out the day! 🏋🏼‍♀️


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Amazon workout set

Amazon sports bra/yoga top


•comes in a bunch of colors


Amazon high waisted workout leggings

•Comes in a bunch of colors.

•Non see through

• pockets


Adidas running sneaker


•comes in tons of different colors

•price varries by size and color


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Harry Potter Butterbeer


Butterbeer Recipe

STEP 1: Stir one stick of butter until completly melted

STEP 2: Add one cup of brown sugar and a tbsp of salt

STEP 3: Stir in one pint of heavy cream

STEP 4: Bring to a boil but quickly reduce the heat from high to low. Stir for 5 minutes

STEP 5: Remove pot and add one tspn of vanilla. Let it cool for 15 minutes 

STEP 6: Pour 1/4 syrup into cup. Then pour 2 ounces of cream soda and stir

Step 7: Now add more cream soda until glass is full. Add a scoop of ice cream. Top it off with some whip cream!

Celebrated my 24th birthday with this delicious funfetti Milk Bar inspired cake by @Deliciously_dip (who is also my bestie)! She makes the most mouth watering, decadent desserts you can imagine! Make sure to check out her page for your custom order!

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