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Foodie Adventures


Come along with me on my foodie adventures 

I love food, but especially dessert! My friends and I will literally go on a two hour car ride just to try a bagel place we saw on Instagram. Don't worry it was totally worth it. Keep checking this page for these mouth watering places you are going to be dying to try!🌮🍱🍕🍝🧇🍰🍩🍪🍦


Orangetown Diner

Location: Orangeburg, New York

Orangetown has to be my favorite diner ever. Right over the border into New York state, you can stop here for the most decedent pancakes, waffles, French toast, and milk shake. 

Dessert recommendations: 

- Oreo french toast

- cannoli French toast

- apple crumb French toast

- Oreo pancakes

- any of their hot chocolates

Other favorite:

- specialty sandwiches

- calamari with sweet chili Thai sauce (usually would never recommend seafood from a diner but this is amazing)

- firehouse burger

-chicken and waffles


Reds Lobster Pot
Location: Point Pleasant, NJ


Reds lobster pot is one of my absolute favorite seafood restaurants! Located on Point Pleasants inlet, its the perfect spot for a meal with a view. When visiting my grandpa at the shore, we often like to stop here for lunch and watch all of the boats and jet skiis go by. Now if oure going for dinner, make sure to time it right to catch a BEAUTIFUL sunset While just about anything non the menu is delicious, I highly recommend a fresh lobster roll or the coconut shrimp with sweet chilli thai suace! After dinner make sure you hit up the boardwalk near by for games and rides! 🦞


Surreal Ice Cream
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Location: New Brunswick, NJ

Surreal Creamery is best know for their mason jar sundaes and floateas.  

Cookie Connect

Location: Ridgewood, NJ

Cookie connect is the best spot for a late night craving. You can choose from tons of different kinds of cookies, icings, and toppings. They also sell my personal favorite, cookie cups. Cookie cups are ice cream cups blended with cookies and cereals. Make sure to check their insta for the flavor of the week!

Milk and Cream
Cereal bar
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Location: Newark, NJ

If you're looking for a taste of nostalgia you need to check out Milk and Cream cereal bar! They specialize blending cereal infused ice cream with an array of sweet toppings!


Harry Potter Butterbeer



Location: Fairfield, Connecticut

Is there anything better than liquid nitrogen ice cream served in a bubble cone?!? Milkcraft is a small batch creamery that began with inspiration from taking a stroll down the street in Capri, Italy. 

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Butterbeer Recipe

STEP 1: Stir one stick of butter until completly melted

STEP 2: Add one cup of brown sugar and a tbsp of salt

STEP 3: Stir in one pint of heavy cream

STEP 4: Bring to a boil but quickly reduce the heat from high to low. Stir for 5 minutes

STEP 5: Remove pot and add one tspn of vanilla. Let it cool for 15 minutes 

STEP 6: Pour 1/4 syrup into cup. Then pour 2 ounces of cream soda and stir

Step 7: Now add more cream soda until glass is full. Add a scoop of ice cream. Top it off with some whip cream!

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