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My favorite shop for accessories-My Sister Jewelry Box

Ever search through your closet and you’re just so sick of everything you own?!? Just great. Now where are you going to find something? 🤔....💡💡💡!!!

Your sisters room! Well that’s just what the owner of my FAVORITE boutique did! And she made a store out of it! My Sisters Jewelry Box has the CUTEST outfits and accessories!

Location: Lavalette, New Jersey

Every summer since I was 15, I would go down the shore with me best friends’ family for a few days. Whenever there was a rainy day, we would get dropped us off and go shopping here. Now every single time I’m in down there I have to stop in and pick a little something out. (Ok fine, let’s be honest. It’s usually much more than a little something because I just can’t help myself 😂)

I just wanted to say thank you so sooo much to the owner who send me this gorgeous headband and bracelet! As you may have seen from recent post I’m currently obsessed with headbands. My Sisters Jewelry Box carries headbands that are so different from others that I’ve seen plus, they are really great quality. They are so soft of the sides so they don’t give you a headache like some others that I've bought. Besides the beautiful beading, I just love the little seashells on the sides. I cant wait to take it on vacation with me.

The black and gold Erimish bracelet they gifted me matches perfectly with the headband. There are soo many combinations of these bracelets you can choose from for a super cute stacked look or just wear on their own for a delicate, dainty look.

I kept the black and gold theme going by pairing it with a simple long black sundress and gold shoes.

Here are a few other pieces I have gotten at My Sisters Jewelry box over the years. If you aren't in the area you can shop their looks through their instagtam or through their site

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