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My top 10 favorite photo spots in Disney World

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Cinderellas Castle

Location: Magic Kingdom

DUH! Could I possibly have even put anything else for the number one spot?!? Not only is it the most photographed building in Disney world, but is one of the most iconic landmarks around the world. Wanna know a fun fact? The Castle stands at 189 feet tall. This is because any structure taller than 190 feet must have a red blinking light on top, in order to be seen by flying aircrafts. That wouldn’t be so magical. 💁🏼‍♀️

2. Spaceship Earth

Location: Epcot

Spaceship Earth, aka what most people refer to as the giant golf ball. It actually stands for “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.” My favorite ride in Epcot is Soarin because I love to see all the enchanting places around the world. Did you know that when you walk around the world showcase it never rains in the outdoor markets?! How, may you ask? All the markets actually have a clear glass ceiling so it gives the illusion that you are outside! While shopping around the world is fun, nothing beats EATING and DRINKING around the World. 🌎 Some of favorite snacks are the fish and chips from England, chocolate crepes from France, Sangria & Gelato from Italy, and of course the deep fried Oreo funnel cake from America. If I could suggest going to Disney World any time of the year, I recommend going during the food and wine festival. There are just endless things to try!

3. Toy Story bouncy ball

Location: Toy Storyland, Hollywood Studios

This is such a cute spot for a photo! Head over to this spot first thing in the morning. As the day goes on the spot tends to get crowded by strollers. I love the picture I have here with my best friend, Sarah. She’s always got a friend in me ❤️

4. Pandora

Location: Animal Kingdom

When I enter Pandora, I can hear the animals crying out in the distance. The beat of the drums getting louder, the deeper and deeper I go into the vibrant land. In the early morning I still feel the dampness in the air as Valley of Mo’ara emerges through the fog.

As soon as I arrive, I head straight to Flight of Passage for a breath-taking ride through Pandora on the back of a banshee.

When I visit Pandora at night, the park is dark and the exotic plants have changed to a beautiful and glowing florescence. It's nothing like anything I have ever seen before.

Fun Fact: Cast members that work in Pandora are required to take a class to learn the language of Na’vi. They must be able to understand and articulate the lands culture.

5. Character meeting with Gaston

Location: Outside of Gaston’s Tavern, Fantasyland Land, Magic Kingdom

Gaston is one of my favorite Characters to meet. You can take super cute photos like asking to hold his muscles, being swept off your feet, and even asking if he wants to take a look in the mirror. You can bring props with you like the mirror, a book, or a rose.

Make sure you ask a cast member when he will be coming outside, he can only handle so many screaming girls at once. 😉 JK he goes in and out about every 15 minutes due to the heat so make sure to grab your spot online! 📖🥀

6. Mad Tea Party Cup

Location: The Disney Style Store, Disney Springs

The Tea Cups are one of my favorite rides but it’s so hard to get a picture on them since they of course, are constantly spinning! 🤪Here you can just hop on in for a quick little photo sesh. Don’t worry if people think you’re MAD, it's a great picture to be able to look back on. Of all the stores in Disney Springs, the new Disney Style store is my favorite for the most stylish pieces for the parks!

7. Telephone Booth

Location: United Kingdom, Epcot

I always wanted a photo like this but have unfortunately not yet gotten the chance to visit London. (Guess I’m saving that for when I move there with Harry Styles?) Anyways the United Kingdom Pavilion is one of my faves. As I mentioned earlier the fish and chips are SO GOOD. I try to get a delicacy from each place I go to. I mean “When in Rome” right!? If you're in the mood to hear some good music, check out some of the cool bands covering The Beatles, The Police, The Rolling Stones, and more. ☎️🇬🇧🎶

8. Disney’s Polynesian Resort

Ok, so, the NUMBER ONE place on my bucket list is Tahiti, so this location automatically makes it to my list. Ever since I was little, I just love all things tropical.When you enter, you are greeted with a lei around your neck and Hula dancing in the lobby. Make sure to stop by for some DELICIOUS Dole Whip on the beach, or swing by at night to take out a private boat and enjoy the fireworks from the water!

9. Rock n Rollercoaster starring Aerosmith

Location: Hollywood studios

Get an awesome photo by striking a rockin pose in front of the gigantic electric guitar. This is the fastest rollercoaster in the parks and by far my favorite. If you’re brave enough for no hands try hold up a rock and roll sign for the cameras!

10. Art of Animation Resort

This whole resort is so much fun! There are GIGANTIC statues of the characters all over the place, so you can be super creative here. The main themes are Cars, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and Nemo. Disney created this resort to have “storybook landscaping.” It really feels as if you are incorporated right into the movies. Remember to wear a pair of comfy shoes! The grounds are huge but the photo opportunities here are endless!

Some of my favorite ears for the parks

My photo featured in viral Tik Toker @Gibz_ video

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