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  • Julianna Rolaf

3 Ways to styles your hair in under 5 minutes

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

I wanted to create 3 easy ways you can style your hair in under 5 minutes. I think these looks are great for summer, especially when it’s hot out and you want to keep your hair off of your face!

First things first, I let my hair air dry about 90%. You never want to dry your hair when it’s too wet. It will cause damage (and let be honest who wants to be standing there for hours.) Before running the brush and blow dryer through, I spray in this heat protectant. Its vegan, cruelty free, approved for all hair types, and speeds up drying time. Plus, my favorite part is the scent just takes me right to the beach. 🏖

Hair tends to hold better on the second or third day. When the hair is too smooth and silky its more likely to slip. If you are going to create this look with day one hair, I suggest adding in some texture spray to give it a bit of grit. This is my fav dry texturizing spray. This brand is amazinggg. However it’s a bit on the pricey side so here is a drug store one that I also love. Smells like coconuts! 🥥 🥥🥥

Another product I love for fuller, thicker, looking hair is this body builder. This stuff is literally magic. Spray it, fluff your hair, and Voilà!

I didn’t have any seamless hair ties when I took my video but here are some from amazon. These kind of hair ties are great because they don’t leave a dent in your hair after taking it down.

These are the rubber bands I used for my pull- through pony tails. Personally, I recommend getting a big pack and just cutting them out when you want to take your hair down at the end of the day. I don’t think it’s worth trying to reuse them. I feel like it rips your hair when you try to pull them out.

Finally the best part! Accessories! These are the sea shell clips I used! There are so many adorable clips and barrettes I just love adding to dress up my hair!

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