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Pure Romance Review

Hey guys! So I got in some products to review and I have been loving them! I have been testing them for a few months now and think they are great so I wanted to share with you 💕

Conditioning shaving cream - Truly Sexy Flirt.

The first product I wanted to talk to you guys about today is my go-to shaving cream. It’s so smooth and moisturizing that my razor just glides right through. I have really sensitive skin so for me the best part about the shaving cream is that it helps prevent those little red bumps you get from shaving. Your skin will be smooth as a baby’s bottom while smelling absolutely delicious.

SCENT: Smells like a bouquet of sheer jasmine, sparkling lemon, and clean amber. 

Hydrating Body Oil - Body Dew - Truly Sexy Flirt

After stepping out of the steaming shower I pat my skin dry and spray this hydrating body oil all over me. I don’t know about you but my skin gets very dry and with just a few spritz of this my skin is hydrated and glowing. Its infused with sweet almond oil and just gives your skin the prettiest dewy look.

SCENT: Smells like a bouquet of sheer jasmine, sparkling lemon, and clean amber. 

Tropical Sunless Tanner – Coco Glow - Medium to Dark

SO. If you’re new here and didn’t already know I’m a total Jersey girl. And yes, the rumors are true. We don’t pump our own gas, we have the best bagels, and we like being TAN. Don’t get me wrong my favorite thing to do in the summer is go to the beach and catch some rays but when I can’t make it there in the winter, I’ll throw on a sunless tanner to give my body a little healthy-looking color. To start off, exfoliate your body in the shower beforehand. This removes any dead skin for a more even application. You want to put this on completely dry skin and let is sit for at least 15 minutes before getting dressed to avoid any transfer onto your clothes. You will start seeing result in 2-6 hours. The formula will then darken your tan over the next 48 hours. If you want a darker tan I recommend putting it on once a day to build it up over time. I have more of an olive skin tone so I use the shade medium to dark, however if you are a bit paler, I recommend light to medium. Like I said you can always build it up. Coco Glow also doubles as a rich, creamy moisturizer with hydrating safflower, sunflower seed oils, and aloe vera. Get that gorgeous island glow right from your own home!

Afterglow - Flirt

“Alexa, play afterglow by Taylor Swift.” Ok, so absolutely anytime I’m going out I put on this illuminating serum. It’s so lightweight and gives my skin the prettiest subtle shimmer. Afterglow is infused with the decadent Truly Sexy Flirt fragrance while hydrating your skin and bringing out that glow from within!

If you wanna shop any of these amazing you can do so here!

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