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  • Julianna Rolaf

DIY Red and Cheetah print nails

While nail salons are still not open in my area I wanted to create a quick and easy diy at home manicure.

Heres what you'll need

  • base coat

  • red nail polish

  • tan nail polosh

  • black nail polish

  • a thin, pointed brush

  • top coat

Step 1

Paint on a thin base coat

Step 2

Paint your ring and middle finger tan x 2

Step 3

Paint your thumb, pointer, and pinky finger red x 2

Step 4

Paint gold polka dots on the ring and middle finger

Step 5

Take the thin brush and paint little c-shape, sqigley lines. Remember they arent all supposed to look perfect. You know what they say, the spot is the same

Step 6

After your nails are completly dry paint on a final top coat.

Step 7

If needed take some nail polish remover and a Q- tip to clean up the edges!

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